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Business Credit Products

When Frazer Bank gets involved in your financing needs, you can be assured we have What you need. When you need it. From your small or large construction projects, to providing cash flow solutions, to financing your equipment purchases and funding Accounts Receivable, we are here to make sure you're successful in all your business ventures.

Business Loans

Most often used to acquire fixed assets such as equipment for operating a business, partial financing to purchase a business or even to increase permanent working capital

  • Loan amounts vary
  • Fixed rate loan terms up to five years, or variable rate loans
  • Terms generally 3-5 years for equipment, 10-20 years for real estate
  • Principal and interest payments due monthly

Construction Loans

For new homes or renovations, to fund the building phase with advances during the process

  • Eliminates two separate closings
  • Monthly interest payments calculated on amount disbursed only
  • Terms generally 1 year
  • Convert to personalized payment plan when construction is complete
  • Retail stores, apartments, offices and light industrial, churches and temples, and non-conforming properties

Letters of Credit

To obtain inventory or merchandise without paying cash

  • Term is usually one year or less
  • Fees based on volume and other considerations

Lines of Credit

Short term cash flow needs for seasonal purchases on inventory or prepayment of bills to take advantage of volume discounts

  • Re-usable and easily accessible
  • Flexible loan amounts
  • Terms typically 12 months or less
  • Interest only payments
  • Principal due on demand or at maturity

Term Loans

Finance an acquisition, machinery, equipment or business purpose vehicles

  • Terms usually 12-60 months
  • Fully amortized in equal monthly principal plus interest payments

Medical Loans

Short and long term loans for medical professionals, health care providers, and medical related businesses

  • Interest only loans available for 12 month term
  • Principal and interest payments available from 3-7 years

Agricultural Loans

When you need financing for major equipment expenses, or crop production, we offer financing solutions with repayment schedules designed specifically to match your cash flow.