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Merchant Capture

Merchant Capture is a modern and amazingly fast alternative to having someone from your company stop work and physically deliver check deposits to the branch.

Here's how Merchant Capture works: Merchant Capture is deployed at any of your business locations, utilizing a check-imaging scanner that we provide you, checks for deposit are scanned and their images captured on the computer. After verifying the images and balances, everything is transmitted via the Internet and a secure file transfer. Your deposit is credited to your accounts. It's that fast and simple.

Benefits of Merchant Capture

  • Eliminates the need to drive to the branch to make deposits
  • Decreases transportation costs
  • Deposits can be made sooner and more frequently to different accounts
  • Earlier deposits may accelerate funds availability
  • Reduction in paper handling errors
  • Enables businesses with multiple geographic locations to maintain a single Frazer Bank relationship
  • Enhances customer service

Features and Requirements

  • Supports check deposits
  • Reads check data automatically
  • Displays images during item correction
  • Provides automatic balancing
  • Detects duplicate items
  • Converts all eligible items for electronic presentment
  • Provides detailed Web based reports
  • Provides quick image retrieval and archiving
  • Works with a secure URL address
  • Protects information by firewalls and passes in encrypted form
  • Requires Internet Access

If you think it's time to bring your check deposit activities into the 21st century, we'll be happy to show you how. Just contact us at 580-482-7700.